SMEs Solution

What is Digital Financial Solution?

Digital financial solutions are “essential tools for small and medium enterprises”.

The application of digital financial solutions helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) transact quickly, saving costs, time and manpower. Therefore, many banks and financial institutions have timely provided a variety of modern financial solutions, so what will be the best option for businesses?

The application of digital financial management solutions helps businesses save costs and time.

According to SME enterprises, with traditional financial solutions, their units need quite a lot of time to complete administrative procedures such as setting up a commission, collating documents … or moving to the transaction point to make the payment. Therefore, finding a digital financial management solution is necessary to overcome these limitations while making the most of the value that modern methods bring.

Currently, many banks have been focusing on developing digital financial solutions with the customer segment of SME to best serve and meet the increasing needs of this group of customers. Therefore, businesses also have many options for an effective financial solution, suitable for the business model.

According to financial experts, a “superior” digital financial solution needs to be diversified services, applying modern technologies to help businesses save time and resources in the process of making transactions. In addition, the “synchronous” factor is also important to help businesses optimize financial management as well as support transactions seamlessly and smoothly.

CAMBOPAY SME helps businesses trade quickly and safely.

To meet the needs of SMEs, CAMBOPAY has launched a completely new set of digital solution including, Digital Banking Service.

The service duo is considered an indispensable digital financial solution for SME in the 4.0 period. In particular, CAMBOPAY SME helps to provide businesses with a fast transaction experience at anytime, anywhere, and safely during the covid-19 pandemic. CAMBOPAY SME supports effective and cost-effective corporate governance.

What CAMBOPAY SME can performance?

As a company digital solution we bring you more and quick function.


  1. Query Information
  2. Transfer (in bound and out bound)
  3. Payment (Bank, Enterprise, Government)
  4. TOP-UP
  5. Transaction Management
  6. Utilities
  7. Setting


  1. Manage Access Permission
  2. Manage Access Code
  3. Limit Setting
  4. Set Permission to Notify
  5. Edit Default User
  6. SMS Banking Management
  7. Reactivate Smart OTP

Our Best Performance Function

  1. Payment: we are offered multifunction of transfer such as: TOPUP, Pay Local, Tax Pay, Registration fee, Pay Import/Export Tax, Society insurance, pay for seaport infrastructure fee, Pay Import and Export Tax. Pay Import and Export Tax is a part of Payment Solution. To become and help SME more useful and keep connection with government this function allows customers to make import and export tax payment orders at web browser. This function perform payment for government tax. It’s useful function, quick and easy.

  1. Activate SMART OTP: Are you worried about hacking account? Smart OTP authentication method function allows Customers perform the transaction with highly security. With the best smart technology and to be a best secure barrier Smart OTP is your choice. Customer can perform activate the Smart OTP by themselves with a 6 steps easy and quick.

  1. Set The Favorite Function: CAMBOPAY SME is providing multi-function digital solution. For more convenience to customer CAMBOPAY SME also has a function to set the favorite function for customer. With 2 steps of set this function, customer can set any function to perform on quick screen.

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