An instant payment solution for businesses. eWallet empowers the business to operate more efficiently by leveraging blockchain technology to transfer funds – fast, cheap and transparently. Stellar Blockchain is the selected one among others

  1. How does eWallet work?
    1. Multiple currencies eWallet makes it possible to create, send digital representations of all forms of money USD, KHR, VND, pretty much anything by just configuration. It’s designed so all the world’s financial systems can work together on a single network
  2. Secure Strict implementation of security standards and guidelines such as defined by the ISO 27002, PCI DSS. Following Top 10 OWASP for and PCI-DSS Level 1 Standard & Requirements for secure development lifecycle, compliance with the Law of Cybersecurity in Banking & Financial. Security is the basis of the architecture.
  3. Open API Interface with third-party systems using the RESTful Web Services and Open API
  4. eWallet benefit
  5. Financial:
  • No license fees- only reliable license fee components are used
  • Ability to review, modify, support the system by bank’s IT department
  • Usage of modern technology significantly simplifies further improvements
  • No need in expensive hardware and software environment
  1. Transparency
  • Per-transaction audit
  • Easy backups
  • Digital Payment Platform can be connected to existing core banking or act as primary one
  1. Security
  • Digital Payment Platform can work on dedicated hardware/private/public cloud or on all of them at the same time
  • API calls are signed with digital signature, API can be completely open
  • No need to use expensive firewalls to protect the system
  1. Speed
  • Fast payment confirmation (< 5 seconds)
  • Fast integration with other financial institution that use the same technology

III. System Features

  1. Mobile app: Provide the functions of Mobile Wallet, ready for product adjustments to keep the product competitive to market
  • Top up
  • Cash out
  • Transfer to Ewallet
  • Scan QR
  • Payment QR
  • Manage Card/ Account
  • My wallet
  • Notification
  • History
  • Promotion
  1. Transaction Engine: based on private blockchain
  • Online transaction processing
  • Blockchain transaction submit
  • Account signature
  • Block of operation (concatenate 100 Transactions in one operation)
  1. Ledger of Accounts: access to account by a cryptographic key
  • General ledger (GL) account management
  • Sub ledger account management
  • Account Trustlines management
  • GL pre-funding
  • GL based for transaction type, currencies, points
  1. Processing Module: for interbank payment and clearing
  • Bank/partner integration
  • Transaction reconciliation (daily)
  • Clearing & settlement report
  1. Exchange: Buying e-money using local payment systems
  • Allow change between currencies, points by API server, fund transfer
  • Auto trust new currency, point as configuration
  1. Identity: registration, enrollments, limits, blocking
  • CIF Management
  • Wallet Account management
  • Digital KYC for customer on-bo arding
  1. Merchant: web/mobile & WordPress plugin, IPN, test shop
  • Merchant management with multiple of hierarchy level allows multiple GLs and account management
  • Provide payment integration to merchant via open API system. Besides that, eWallet also provide the web POS on web admin, other plugin for payment integration
  1. Key Server: secure online & offline storage of keys
  • Secure storage of private key for transaction signing
  • Transaction signing on behalf of lower hierarchy, by master GL
  1. Recharge Cards: generation, QR code, printing, statistics

Physical/Virtual card management system

  • Card link to eWallet account, point for membership
  • Card can be issue as physical or virtual instance with QR for payment
  • Allow customer to purchase via card
  1. Back-office: admin, currency, fee management, statistics
  • Customer management
  • eWallet account management
  • Card management (single, batch processing)
  • Transaction management
  • Reporting services
  • Loyalty point management
  • User & role management
  • Partner management

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