Payment Gateway (KPay)

Payment Gateway – KPay is an intermediate system of transmission, exchanging, and processing payment transactions between bank account, cardholder or e-wallet holder, and Card Acceptance Merchant providing goods and services on the Internet. Payment Gateway KPay is set up, deployed, and operated by CAMBOPAY Co.,ltd. KPay meets the security requirements at the highest level and is certified by the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) and banks in Cambodia.

With the aim of developing a simple and convenient payment method, reducing social costs and changing traditional shopping habits of the majority of the population, Payment Gateway KPay will connect with many e-commerce websites of many business partners providing a variety types of goods and services.

Besides, Payment Gateway KPay has accepted most domestic and international payment cards with only one connection. The business management system provides detailed reports on transactions and revenue. The risk management mechanism meets international standards. All the services are used at a reasonable cost level. All the above benefits encourage enterprises to willingly develop business on the Internet.

Financial Feature Cluster:

  • Send money 24/7
  • Manage tags

Diversified payment method:

  • QR Pay
  • Payment by domestic cards/bank account
  • Payment by international cards Visa/Master card

Benefits of connecting with KPay – Payment Gateway to Banks:

  • Increasing card utilities
  • Increasing revenues and deposits
  • Marketing of bank brand and card product
  • Reducing the cost of developing card acceptance merchants on the Internet.

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