OTT is Over The Top refers to ads content delivered via the Internet that bypasses traditional channels, like Mobile Banking,…

Highly Targeted Advertising

OTT brings the benefits of programmatic advertising to new mediums.
Demand-side platforms (DSP) transformed the programmatic advertising world by offering a way to match ads with the right users more effectively. OTT brings these tools to more channels and platforms that historically could not target or track engagement

Customer Segmentation

As analog becomes digital, providers can learn from and connect with customers.

OTT apps offer marketers the ability to segment customers more precisely, including live user segmentation.

Increase Efficiency

De-bundling, cord-cutting and going OTT allows for more efficient content delivery and pricing.

Different types of OTT content include:

  • Messaging – It refers to messaging services like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Line.

How OTT reach:

  • With OTT ads, you can send targeted messages to the right person. It allows you to gather behavioral traits such as gender, age, income, viewing preferences.
  • Ads delivered through OTT can’t be skipped. They are also 100% viewable on screen. Moreover, the ads run live during, before, or after video content, so their completion rates often surpass 90%.

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