Voice OTP

What is VOICE OTP Service?

Voice OTP is a calling service that provides a voice message to customers. The system will automatically set up a call to the mobile number the user has signed for the business to provide the voice message according to the pre-recorded file according to the script.
With increasing requirements for information security and popular application in many different fields. Voice OTP service is an application that solves the cost requirements for businesses and increases the number of transactions while ensuring speed and convenience.

Why should businesses use VOICE OTP service?

Advantages of Voice OTP

Easy integration: Same as the Voice sending API that customers are using. Customers can easily record and personalize voice scripts according to their wishes:

  • All alphanumeric and/or numeric strings, and variable amounts in the API can be read.
  • You can choose to automatically repeat the Voice OTP multiple times.
  • You can choose to automatically call back after a few minutes if the user hasn’t answered or the phone is busy. In addition, the system also statistics the terminal status: the recipient is busy, the recipient rejects the call, the number does not exist…
  • SMS voice also controls costs by managing call recording time.
  • Charges are incurred only when the call is successful. Calls that the recipient does not answer or the phone is busy will not be charged.
  • Brands of businesses can use the displayed customer care number, if consumers are familiar with this number

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