Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking application (Mobile Banking) allows customers to manage accounts, perform financial transactions, and many other added benefits.

The Mobile Banking ecosystem is deployed in association with many banks on the basis of new and modern technology with many preeminent features:

Financial Feature Cluster:

  • Send money 24/7
  • Save Online
  • Account Info
  • Withdraw with QR code
  • Manage tags

Payment feature cluster:

  • Pay bills for Internet,…
  • Mobile TOPUP

Mobility Feature Cluster:

  • Book Flight
  • Buy bus ticket

A cluster of shopping features: 

  • Scan QR Pay

And many other great utilities…

With the goal of building a technology-service ecosystem, Mobile Banking applications are developed by CAMBOPAY on mobile platforms combined with the latest technologies such as AI, Big Data, Blockchain, VR/AR, IoT… apply advanced programming techniques, allowing fast and accurate information processing and ensuring high-security requirements.

Mobile Banking system is always updated with new features, maximum support for users on the application such as OTT Alert notification and account fluctuations, deploying a “virtual” assistant to support users by voice, equipped with many high-level security solutions such as Soft OTP, fingerprint biometric solution (STA), face recognition (eKYC) … firewall system (Firewall) to protect the database, strict information control.

In particular, the Mobile Banking system is built with many layers of strict security according to the standards of the State Bank, suitable for all banking partners.

Banking partners using the service: BIDC, CPBank, SacomBank, MBBank

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