MB SmartBank


In early 2022, many commercial banks announced free online transactions for all customers; but charged higher SMS Banking fees, causing many users to be confused. In this context, MB is constantly launching incentive programs, typically “Lifetime free of all types of card and account fees”; helping users save maximum costs when maintaining MB’s account and card services.

Accordingly, customers using MBBank App are free to transfer money inside and outside the system, and free account management without requiring a minimum balance. The bank is also free to maintain e-banking services and open an account with a special number (the same account number as the phone number …)

In addition, customers are entitled to 100% free issuance fees and annual fees for Visa and JCB international credit cards issued by MB to all existing and newly issued cardholders. Users can also update incentives and refunds when spending at Grab, Shopee, Lazada, and booking.com … and apply 0% installments to all spending transactions.

Besides, customers also do not have to spend any expenses when paying for electricity, water, Internet, television, telephone, flight booking, hotels, securities … Right on the MbBank app. Customers can also withdraw money from ATMs without using the card and receive balance notifications on the app completely free of charge when there is an Internet connection.

Mb’s representative said that the free policies contribute to increasing MB’s competitive advantage in the market, as well as being a strategy to help retain and attract customers.

Make customer-centric, digitized, and updated in a timely manner, MB continues to mark with MB SmartBank – Free transaction point 24/7. Specifically, MB SmartBank divides 3 clear areas: waiting for the area and customer consultation; the self-service area is equipped with ATMs, CRM automatic card printers, and self-discovery zones. For personal finance customers can fulfill the majority of transaction needs such as: registering an account, opening an application, withdrawing and depositing cash, transferring money quickly, issuing fast cards (Visa, Napas), and paying invoices … totally free.

“With always putting customers at the center, MB’s efforts and activities are geared towards maximizing benefits, reducing costs, helping customers comfortably experience the best products and services,” MB representative added.

Date: 30/05/2022