[VN News] Agribank digitally transforms to focus on customers

Every year, Agribank spends a large budget on investment in the construction and application of information technology systems.

Digital transformation is an inevitable and irreversible trend. In recent years, Agribank has been actively implementing many activities integrating digitalization and digital technology into all areas of banking operations with a consistent, long-term strategy of “Customer-centric” to guide customers. to the goal of “Comprehensive digitization and optimization of customer experience”.

Building a Digital Utility ecosystem

Recognizing that digital transformation is a key task, every year, Agribank spends a large budget on investment in the construction and application of information technology systems. Agribank’s information technology system ensures smooth operation of an average of 35 million transactions per day and at peak up to 45 million transactions daily, with automatic transactions accounting for 91.97% of the total transactions. Agribank currently has nearly 20 million customers with payment deposit accounts, nearly 16 million customers using ATM cards, and nearly 15 million using payment services via the Mobile Banking channel. Automatic payment methods account for about 81% of total customer payment transactions at Agribank.

Notably, in recent years, electronic payment in the Government sector and public administrative services has been actively promoted. Many public service groups have now implemented payments using electronic methods, bringing convenience and speed to people. Over the past many years, Agribank has deployed collection services with nearly 2,000 units and service providers in the fields of education, electricity, water, telecommunications, insurance, hospitals, and financial companies. Integrate utilities for collection and payment services onto the National Service Portal; Integrate tax, fee, and charge payment services through e-wallet, on the Agribank E-Mobile Banking application; Deploying tuition collection services for educational institutions using school management software from SSC, MISA… Along with that, signing agreements with units to provide electricity bill collection services, water, tuition, and hospital fees; paying pensions, and social insurance benefits, contributing to improving management efficiency, making payment transactions transparent in the economy, contributing to preventing and combating corruption, negativity, and money laundering.

Agribank strives to promote digital transformation

“Coverage” of digital transformation

In its rural digitalization strategy, Agribank aims to use technology to simplify procedures, and break down barriers to help farmers easily access the most basic services. To realize this goal, Agribank plans to deploy the installation according to the roadmap of Agribank Digital automatic banking transaction machines in rural, remote, and remote areas, especially places with limited access to food. Access to common financial products and services so that people can use digital banking facilities for public service activities as well as daily transactions.

Agribank provides card services and non-cash payment services in districts, towns, and townships with transactions in the field of public services (payment of electricity, water, telephone bills, tuition, etc.). hospital fees, etc.), payment for agricultural inputs, payment for output agricultural products of customers, production households, individuals, etc. Loc Viet Agribank Card product integrates two card applications “debit” and “credit” on the same chip with full features of a domestic debit card as well as a standard domestic credit card, helping customers with More convenient payment, and high-security thanks to modern chip card technology. Thanks to its superior features, the Loc Viet Agribank Card product has won the “2022 Sao Khue Award”.

With continuous efforts in digital transformation activities, Agribank received a Certificate of Merit from the Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam for outstanding achievements in digital transformation of the banking industry in 2023 and many major awards. in the field of information technology recognized by prestigious organizations: From 2016 to present, 12 information technology applications/systems of Agribank have been consecutively honored at the Sao Khue award for technology systems. excellent information in the fields of Finance – Banking and Digital Banking; Last April, the online account opening management system (eKYC) on Agribank E-Mobile Banking application (Agribank eKYC System) and Digital Banking in the card sector (Agribank Digital) of Agribank was honored as two systems Excellent information technology system in the field of Digital Banking…

Agribank and Vnpay signed a cooperation agreement


In addition, Agribank has close cooperation with FinTech financial and technology companies such as VNPay, Momo, BankPlus, and Payoo, … to take advantage of a streamlined business model, aiming at customer experience and customer satisfaction. FinTech innovation and creativity.

Date: 01/11/2023