{News} VNPAY digital ecosystem attracts businesses and customers at the Banking Industry Digital Transformation Event 2023

The event “Digital Transformation of Banking Industry 2023” with the message “Application of population data in banking – the driving force for digital transformation” to continue promoting the application of technology application solutions, implementing the tasks of digital transformation of the banking sector, contributing to the implementation of the national digital transformation program.

The Governor of the State Bank and the delegation visited the booth and experienced VNPAY’s digital ecosystem As a fintech company pioneering the trend of “digitization” in the market with the mission of “Making life simpler”, VNPAY always focuses resources on researching technology solutions, and “digitizing” business services in the future. in each field, integrate and link data, connecting these services with the bank’s modern service and application platform; thereby solving the needs of payment transactions of customers with businesses, connecting businesses with banks. At the event, a Representative of VNPAY, Mr. Nguyen Tuan Luong – Vice Chairman of the VNPAY Board of Directors was honored to welcome and introduce the digital ecosystem developed by VNPAY. Currently, VNPAY “Corporate” with many partners in many fields such as airlines, taxis, ships, buses, retail businesses, football, and amusement parks, expanding and bringing partner products and services to digital channels. Mobile banking, e-wallets… Accordingly, helping businesses attract users and increase sales through payment transaction experiences on banking applications and e-wallets.

Users are excited to use the Call TAXI feature on banking apps and VNPAY walletsRecently, nearly 40 taxi brands such as Mai Linh, G7, Thang Long, Thu Do, Thanh Nga, Sun, Sen Hong, and Da Nang… have “corporate” with VNPAY to expand market share right on the app. VNPAY bank and e-wallet through the Calling Taxi feature. This not only helps traditional taxi companies quickly expand their potential customers on banking applications and VNPAY e-wallets, but also saves service investment costs and enhances the experience for users in the technology era. In order to “digitize” the payment process, optimize personnel costs, and effectively manage operations and business, VNPAY also provides “combo” businesses with payment solutions such as payment by form. VNPAY-QR code scanning, VNPAY-POS comprehensive payment solution, VNPAY SoftPOS solution turning your phone into a POS machine…VNPAY-POS solution integrates directly with the sales management system, synchronizes business information and data, helps business process and information control effectively, avoids errors and saves time compared to using a conventional POS machine.

VNPAY’s products and services are developed and experienced by users. Only with the SmartPOS device developed by VNPAY, an employee can take on many roles such as consulting, sales, and Accountant; shorten the operating process, and save time and personnel costs. Not only allows users to pay for all types of cards including magnetic cards, chip cards, and especially contactless cards (contactless payment), VNPAY-POS SmartPOS device also integrates the VNPAY payment method- QR. Accordingly, customers can scan transaction codes from 32 banking applications and 10 e-wallets. This form of payment gives businesses the opportunity to reach and expand the customer file to more than 25 million customers.Promoting strong payment solutions, VNPAY develops VNPAY SoftPOS (Tap to Phone) solution, allowing Android phones to become contactless card acceptance devices according to EMV standards. Instead of spending money to buy a POS machine, with VNPAY SoftPOS, sellers can immediately take advantage of smartphones to make POS machines, and process contactless card transactions through NFC waves. This solution also helps banks and businesses save equipment investment costs and easily manage online.

VNPAY SoftPOS achieved a PCI CpoC certificate, this is the first and only solution in Vietnam to meet this latest security standard. Currently, VNPAY SoftPOS is the only solution in the Vietnam market developed by domestic enterprises and fully masters the technology. This product is the foundation to help VNPAY improve its capacity in the field of payment technology, and at the same time, opens the expectation of a more explosive development of the payment industry in Vietnam in the future. VNPAY has cooperated with more than 40 banks in Vietnam such as Vietcombank, BIDV, VietinBank, and Agribank…, supporting the development of a comprehensive ecosystem of banking applications. Users can easily pay all living expenses (electricity, water, internet …), shop online VnShop, call a taxi, book flight tickets, hotel rooms, train tickets – car tickets, order flowers, buy tickets football, buy tickets to play… anytime, anywhere instead of queuing at the counter. Accompanying the “journey” of complete digital transformation in payments for businesses, VNPAY wishes to be an extension of technology solutions to help businesses digitize products and services, connecting to the current banking platform. grand. Thereby, users can upgrade the experience with a variety of “cashless” payment methods such as QR Code payment, magnetic cards, debit cards, credit cards, domestic and international cards via mobile banking channels, and e-wallets.

Date: 22/05/2023