VCB DigiBiz digital banking service with no transaction fee

VCB DigiBiz digital banking service does not charge transaction fees to meet the separate financial needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) customers.

With the advantage of a modern digital technology platform, Vietcombank builds a complete financial ecosystem on VCB DigiBiz digital bank for SMEs. This service helps businesses overcome the limitations of traditional payment methods, bringing outstanding financial benefits, especially in the context of cashless payment services are promoted.

Easy registration

VCB DigiBiz is a unified digital banking service, helping businesses to transact anytime, anywhere, via the website, tablet, or mobile device. With a login name, a password, and a unified online transaction limit, VCB DigiBiz brings simplicity, security, and seamlessness to every business transaction.

VCB DigiBiz interface is modernly designed, bringing simple and new experiences.

Vietcombank anh 1

VCB DigiBiz interface is modernly designed, bringing simple and new experiences.

The way to register for the service is simple, fast. Customers come to any Vietcombank transaction point nationwide, after successfully registering, customers are granted access codes/usernames and passwords activated via SMS. If you are using online banking services for businesses (VCB-iB@nking), customers can register online to convert to VCB DigiBiz.

To encourage customers to experience, Vietcombank waives all transaction fees and maintenance fees on VCB DigiBiz (including service usage fees, money transfer fees, payment fees according to the list, state budget payment fees … ). This offer runs from now until May 31, 2022. The free does not apply to the fee for using the Hard Token device.

Optimized personnel, cost

The financial system in the business is like the system of blood circulation in the body, feeding all parts. The secret to this system operating smoothly and effectively is to promptly apply modern technology solutions.

Accordingly, in order to optimize the process of transferring money to SMEs, the decentralization system for setting up and browsing orders on VCB DigiBiz is designed to be simple and flexible with 2 models: One level (both making and browsing orders) and 2 levels (one level of setup and one level of approval). After successfully registering and activating the service, customers can create additional code that makes orders, approves orders, and decentralizes them for individuals in the business to use.

Aiming for convenience but still ensuring the safety of customers, VCB DigiBiz uses 2 authentication methods: Smart OTP and Hard Token. With modern authentication methods, the maximum transaction limit on VCB DigiBiz is VND100 billion per day (for VND) or US$4.5 million (for foreign currency transactions).

VCB DigiBiz brings many practical benefits to businesses.

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VCB DigiBiz brings many practical benefits to businesses.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Nga, the representative of Tin Nghia Trading Co., Ltd., shared after using VCB DigiBiz: “This solution not only helps businesses optimize costs and personnel by minimizing traditional trading activities but also improves business productivity, increases competitiveness for businesses. The application of digital financial solutions is the long-term direction that SMEs need to aim for to create more optimal value.”

In addition to digital banking services, Vietcombank also launched a new international credit and debit card product for SMEs called Vietcombank Visa Business. Card products are implemented on the basis of digital technology, with many practical utilities and attractive incentives, effectively supporting corporate governance.

Vietcombank Visa Business business card products are integrated with unlimited cashback on spending sales, with a refund rate of 0.4% for credit cards and 0.3% for debit cards, helping businesses save costs.

Cards issued by the registered business and issued to the business owner. Employees use to pay for the cost of goods, electricity, and water, advertising, air tickets, taxis, hotels … All spending is updated in the card transaction report.

In addition, the cost management feature allows customers to set spending limits by transaction, card-accepting unit, or spending sector. These tools help businesses record costs, coordinate optimal budgets, save time and increase governance efficiency.



Date: 15/12/2021