Vietcombank launches VCB Tap to Phone payment solution, SoftPOS technology application

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VCB Tap to Phone is a touch payment solution on mobile devices, allowing any NFC-enabled Android mobile device to turn into a contactless Visa card payment machine (contactless), or pay cash. Pay on other mobile devices with tags with just a few simple steps.Always making efforts in developing services and promoting digital transformation, recently, Vietcombank officially introduced a new card payment solution VCB Tap to Phone. This is the payment solution Vietcombank provides to businesses to bring convenience and simplicity to merchants. Enterprises optimize costs, increase customers Just download the VCB Tap to Phone application on Google Play, and businesses can turn their Android phones into POS machines. Features including payment, cancellation, settlement, tracking transaction history, and sending electronic transaction invoices are all integrated right into the application. VCB Tap to Phone applies advanced technologies to simplify service registration. As a result, businesses can optimize resources, shorten operating procedures and save time.With VCB Tap to Phone, businesses do not need to store and maintain devices that accept physical payments. Based on the outstanding advantages of SoftPOS technology, businesses can expand their business, encourage customers to use card payments and promote the rate of cashless payments in society. Vietnam is one of the first two countries in Southeast Asia and the 23rd country in the world to successfully deploy this technology to turn phones into POS machines.In particular, to register to become a Vietcombank card acceptor, customers can apply online right at Vietcombank’s website here in addition to coming directly to Vietcombank’s transaction points.     A breakthrough technology, integrated with a variety of features VCB Tap to Phone accepts touchless card payments on Android 10.0 or later mobile devices and supports NFC. The product integrates the ability to accept contactless Visa card payments and other touch payment solutions such as Google Pay, SamsungPay…Applying VNPAY’s SoftPOS technology, VCB Tap to Phone is developed on the basis of security technology according to international standards. Transactions are encrypted and secure, minimizing information risks. Besides, the interface of the application is also designed in a modern and user-friendly manner.


With just a few steps, merchants can complete card payment transactions quickly and conveniently with VCB Tap to Phone:

Step 1: Log in to the “VCB Tap to Phone” app.

Step 2: Select “Touch Payment”.

Step 3: Enter information and the amount to pay.

Step 4: Touch the buyer’s card or smart payment device to the back of the phone.

Step 5: Complete the transaction right on the device. Buyer receives payment invoice via email.

Download VCB Tap to Phone on Google Play to experience fast and convenient card payment.

Date: 27/04/2023